Have You Seen The Latest Bittrex Announcement?

Have You Seen The Latest Bittrex Announcement?
For customers of Bittrex, the launch of their new project Bittrex International will change a few things so it’s important to know what is staying the same and what will be different in the coming weeks. Their new digital trading platform will feature a smoother approval for token process and provide you with more trading options for qualified international customers. This means if you’re an international customer then here are main things to look out for: Things that are changing One of the things that are changing includes: International customers will be able to access even more innovative tokens due to the new process. Secondly, a European-based affiliate with Bittrex will be listing specific tokens which are only available on the Bittrex international platform. Things that are staying the same First of all the platform will be listing some of the most innovative blockchain projects from all across the globe. Secondly, Bittrex will still be providing customers with access to a secure, reliable and advanced virtual asset trading platform. In the latest newsletter email sent out by Bittrex to their customers, it went into the changes. To begin with they said:
“After the launch, we’ll evaluate the platform and make any updates needed to ensure we provide customers [with] the same high-quality experience you have come to expect while using Bittrex.com. We value your opinion and want you to share your experiences and suggestions after using the Bittrex International platform. Customers may share their feedback with us on social media and through our customer support site.”
Further on in the newsletter, they went onto say:
“As soon as the new platform launches, we will begin to seamlessly redirect all eligible, non-U.S. customers, including corporate accounts, to the Bittrex International site (International.Bittrex.com). Once there, you will simply use your current Bittrex.com username and password to access the new site.”
To finish off Bittrex said:
“This new digital asset trading platform will feature a streamlined token approval process and provide more trading options for qualified international customers. As a Bittrex International customer, you’ll continue to have access to a secure, reliable and advanced digital asset trading platform built on Bittrex.com’s cutting-edge technology; however, thanks to the streamlined token listing process of this European-based Bittrex affiliate, you’ll not only have access to all the same tokens and markets you did before but also be able to trade new tokens that are only available on our international platform.”
What are your thoughts? Will this affect you? Let us know down in the comments below!
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