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Guess Who's Hiding The Most Bitcoin

Guess Who's Hiding The Most Bitcoin
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There are conspiracy theories and speculation all over the crypto space on who holds the most Bitcoin that is currently in circulation. Big mining firms, exchanges, and funds are mainly called Whales as they hold on to the most Bitcoin and have been called responsible for the big amounts of Bitcoin around today. However, there is still hope for investors from all over the globe which have a collective investment in the coin. Several statistical studies have shown that there are some countries which are hiding the most bitcoin. Let’s go through four of the richest countries which hold the the most Bitcoin. Malta No one saw Malta becoming one of the most crypto-centric countries in the world. But nevertheless, the Maltese Government has been pro-crypto and for almost a decade now. The parliament of Malta has been taking great steps forward in making sure the nation is like a safe house for blockchain and the use of Bitcoin. There are multiple exchanges and businesses from the crypto land which have relocated to the island and because their home countries have started to crack down on the industry and have made it difficult for them to keep up their organisations. Malta could be a small island with a lot of Bitcoin. South Korea Another big player in the world of digital currencies is South Korea. Despite the country having multiple exchanges hacked over the years, it is a home to a big number of popular exchanges and businesses dedicated to crypto. Bitcoin is classed as the biggest coin which is traded and owned the country. United States The land of the free has tonnes of businesses related to crypto. There are trading platforms, exchanges, mining companies and funds all dedicated to the industry. Despite all this, the United States doesn’t have a massive collection of Bitcoin tucked away. In fact, only 8% of the population actually own Bitcoin, but then you have to put into consideration the number of people that live in the United States so this is still a significant amount of Bitcoin holders. Spain The beautiful country that is Spain is home to incredible beaches, scorching summers and a big number of Bitcoin ATMs. The movement of adding so many Bitcoin ATMs is limited to a single niche in the country however, it is estimated that over 10% of the population is involved in crypto in one way or another. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down in the comments below! References: Coindoo

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