Bitcoin Scammer Arrested In Thailand

Bitcoin Scammer Arrested In Thailand
The $34 million Bitcoin scam has its prime suspect named Prinya Jaravijit who was arrested in Thailand after returning to the country. Jaravijit is allegedly part of a scam which saw a man from Finland, Aarini Otava Saarimaa scammed out of over 5,500 Bitcoins, this would be worth around $34 million in today's market. The scam originally came to light during early August this year. According to Bitcoin News:
“The victim believed that he was investing in Dragon Coin, but the cryptocurrency he handed over was laundered through several wallets and used to invest in real estate instead. He eventually contacted the police, who then began an investigation.”
Members of the Jaravijit family have highly featured in the Bitcoin scam. Police arrested a popular actor in Thailand called Jiratpisit Jaravijit for being involved in the Bitcoin scam. He pleaded innocence and was released after a long trail of questioning. Many siblings of the actors, including Prinya and his parents have been confirmed to be involved too. After Jiratpisit was arrested, he claimed he didn’t know where his brother was although it turns out that he was on the other side of the world in the United States where he was in hiding for many months. He was eventually forced to leave the states after his home country revoked his passport.
“When Prinya Jaravijit returned to Thailand, he was promptly arrested by law enforcement at the airport. The charges currently being laid against him include conspiracy to defraud and money laundering. Police questioned him after his arrest, wherein he made “confusing accounts” during the questioning.”
Along with his parents, Prinya’s older brother is intended to be brought in for questions this week regarding the matter. Their parents were the ones who moved the Bitcoin from wallet to wallet meaning that they will face the most serious charges. However, there has been a somewhat happy ending since the Bitcoins were returned to the Finnish man. The assets have been taken back from Jaravijit and the case continues to go on. There are still assets that need to be seized as the case goes on. What are your thoughts on the latest turn of events in this Bitcoin scam? Let us know what you think down below!
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