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5 Things To Expect From This Year’s Delta Summit In Malta

5 Things To Expect From This Year’s Delta Summit In Malta
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The Maltese government has a unique claim to fame. This year it will host the world’s first state-official blockchain event, solidifying Malta’s reputation as a pioneer in this nascent industry. Attendees from all over the globe are expected to attend the two-day Delta Summit between 3rd and 5th October this year. The event serves as a showcase of the Maltese government’s efforts to  encourage innovation and provide a regulatory framework for entrepreneurs. Here’s what visitors and blockchain enthusiasts can expect: 1. Insights into Malta’s blockchain industry Government officials are expected to offer a sneak peak at ongoing efforts to make Malta the premier destination for aspiring blockchain entrepreneurs and tech talent. “Malta will be the epicentre of the blockchain industry. We invite you to experience this between the 3rd and 5th October at the Delta Summit, the Maltese government’s official blockchain event. Be part of the blockchain island,” said Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri at a recent public event. 2. Clarity on new regulations Malta recently published the details of three new bills online. The Malta Digital Innovation Authority Bill, the Virtual Financial Asset Bill, and the Innovation Technological Services Arrangements Bill are all publicly available for review, but the implications of these acts and their chances of making it through to the final stages of the Maltese legislative process are still unclear. Visitors at the Delta Summit can expect government officials to offer some clarity on how the regulatory process is coming along and how it will change the nature of international blockchain innovation. 3. A speech by Binance CEO and founder Changpeng Zhao Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao stunned the crypto community last year when he decided to move his exchange, the world’s largest one by trading volume, to Malta. In a tweet he said, “Malta may be small in size it has set its sights on big things as it wants to be known as the #Blockchain Island that is crypto-innovation friendly.” Zhao is one of the most exciting high-profile speakers at this year’s Delta Summit. 4. Other high profile speakers Changpeng Zhao won’t be the only industry expert expected to share insights at Delta Summit. Other high-profile speakers include venture investor Tim Draper, the co-founder of Wikipedia and the CIO of Everipedia Dr.Larry Sanger, Angel Labs founder Tugce Ergul, and many more. All together, the event will host 120 eminent speakers, business leaders, and journalists from across the world. 5. A chance to network with 1500 attendees According to the government’s official press release, over 1500 guests are expected at the two-day summit. That makes it one of the largest events in the crypto space. Combined with over 4,000 delegates and 150 sponsor companies, Delta Summit is likely to be one of the best opportunities for people in the industry to network, discuss pertinent issues, and solidify their professional network. This year’s Delta Summit is the culmination of the Maltese government’s efforts to kickstart a blockchain revolution with the right regulatory framework. That makes it a vital platform for global entrepreneurs, developers, and policy-makers working on the cutting-edge of this nascent technology.

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