Ripple And XRP To See Mass Integration With New Money Transfer App

Ripple And XRP To See Mass Integration With New Money Transfer App
XRP is often considered as Japan’s favourite cryptocurrency. This rumour was confirmed when Ripple and SBI Holdings announced their partnership, a partnership that really did secure the future for Ripple within Japan, and across the Pacific. The partnership, now known as SBI Ripple Asia is now exploring a new money transfer application, one that will allow people in Japan, to transfer money across the Ripple network, allowing for instant, low cost payments.Within this, we expect to see some XRP integration, though as it stands, no official announcements have been made that point towards this. The app, is alleged to be named ‘Money Tap’ and is expected to arrive in as little as two months time, both on iOS and Android, making money transfers and payments on the Ripple network far more accessible to smartphone users in Japan.Takashi Okita, the CEO of SBI Ripple Asia has tweeted with regards to this news, suggesting that this indeed is not just a rumour and that Money Tap is a fully working product, one that we expect to see rolled out sooner rather than later.According to The Next Web:
“Translating its website, Money Tap claims to offer easy bank transfers without any extra fees the user. Beyond this, details remain scarce. Given the nature of SBI Ripple Asia’s business, it’s fair to assume the app will be using some of Ripple’s blockchain tech. What specifically though, remains a mystery for now.”
Moreover, Money Tap doesn’t seem to be the first of its kind within Japan specifically:
“Japan certainly looks like it’ll be seeing blockchain and mobile payments cropping up more frequently in future. Recently, Japanese firm SoftBank announced a proof-of-concept that will facilitate peer-to-peer mobile payments around the globe.”
Money Tap could well be the start of a new revolution for Ripple and XRP in Japan. Though with competition rife from other firms, it may be a little harder than Ripple and SBI first though in achieving market dominance. Either way, one thing is clear - that is that cryptocurrency is hotter than ever in Japan, this in turn can only be a good thing. References The Next Web Investment Disclaimer
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