New Vice President Of Data Is Set to Boost Coinbase Into The Future

New Vice President Of Data Is Set to Boost Coinbase Into The Future
US based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase have made a new appointment, welcoming Michael Li as the companies new Vice President of Data. Data is a huge deal for any company, both in terms of marketing and of course, management and security. The data economy is seen as the next big step for the rise of the internet. In the wake of the .com boom, data management, data handling and data replication are going to be key for all big tech firms, therefore it is important that firms like Coinbase are appointing experienced people to lead the way for the data boom.In the same way the iron age had iron, the ice age had ice, the data age has data, therefore it’s so important that companies are grasping it now, before it’s too late. Who is Michael Li?Of course, Coinbase weren’t going to appoint just anybody in such a senior role. Therefore, it’s expected that Li brings with him innovation and a level of expertise that Coinbase wish to tap in to. Prior to this appointment, Li was in charge of data at Linkedin, during which he helped spearhead a new direction for the company with regards to their data management. According to the official announcement made by Li:
“My professional career has always focused on ‘empowering people with data’ from financial services, e-commerce and social networks to now cryptocurrency and blockchain. I am thrilled by the opportunity to define and evolve the role data can play in a rapidly emerging space, combining an innovative mindset to solve new challenges with learnings from my past experience.”
Of course, Li believes in Coinbases’ vision for the future, and the vision for cryptocurrency in general:
“Data will be essential to empowering Coinbase’s mission, and core to company’s strategy to deliver the most trusted and easiest-to-use cryptocurrency products and services. I feel privileged to take on this challenging and rewarding new role to start the next chapter of my career. We will be both leveraging existing technologies like machine learning and AI, as well as creating data innovations for emerging blockchain use cases to keep up with the ever-changing industry landscape. I look forward to advancing the company’s leadership position in the crypto industry through the power of data and will share key learnings along the way.”
Whilst this latest announcement doesn’t mean Coinbase will see any huge changes soon, it does prove that Coinbase are continuing to cut out a path made up of innovation and a vision for the future. This new appointment will prove priceless in a few years time and therefore, we wish Li the best of luck in his new role!References Medium - Li's Announcement Investment Disclaimer
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