NANO, BAT, XLM, XVG & EOS, What Makes Them Good Buys For 2019?

NANO, BAT, XLM, XVG & EOS, What Makes Them Good Buys For 2019?
As 2019 approaches, we need to start looking at our options for the next year. If the start of 2018 was anything to go by, the crypto markets could be huge going through January, though as it stands we don’t expect the same level of hype to be drawn into the markets at the start of next year, unfortunately. This doesn’t mean to say that crypto won’t fly in 2019, but it does mean that as things stand, we can’t see us entering the new year with Bitcoin at $20,000.00 so to speak. Even so, 2019 promises to be a great year, one that will introduce further cryptocurrency adoption, regulation and of course, popularity. ‘Cryptonite’ have taken to Hackernoon to discuss their top five investments for 2019, all of which will cost you less than $10.00 per token, therefore we want to explore some of Cryptonite’s motivations. Which cryptocurrencies have the most promise for 2019 and most importantly, which cryptocurrencies are going to give investors a hefty return next year? Before we explore this, please note that neither ourselves or Cryptonite are investment advisors, therefore a choice to invest should be based on adequate prior research. Know the markets and know your investment. Only invest what you can afford to lose and remember, trade safe. NANO Cryptonite’s first choice for 2019, is NANO. NANO is a built upon a network that allows for free transactions, meaning no charges are raised as a result of NANO transactions. This, comes as a part of a lattice structure, a re-designed version of the blockchain that allows for faster and cheaper transactions. According to Cryptonite:
“With Block Lattice, every user has their own blockchain which speeds up transactions by reducing the number of transactions a single blockchain has to make. In fact with more users on the network, the faster transactions are processed and this solves one of cryptos biggest problems, scalability.”
We believe that this re-definition of the blockchain is going to be a very big thing in 2019. As more people learn to understand fundamental blockchain technology, they are going to turn to the more complex projects, projects such as NANO that aim to address many of the problems that are presented by the traditional blockchain. NANO is a low cost product, one that could provide a great investment opportunity going into next year. BAT Basic Attention Token, or BAT, is the native cryptocurrency to the Brave Browser project, a web browser that automatically blocks advertisements. Brave wants to foster a culture of fair advertising, one that doesn’t just profit the advertisers and thus, through Brave, those who opt in to viewing tailored advertisements are able to receive BAT payments in return for their commitment. BAT is built upon an established project meaning that 2019 could allow BAT to see an incredible growth. With privacy top of the list of priorities for many internet users, it won’t be long before BAT see’s a surge in mainstream investment as a result of the Brave browser. XLM XLM is the native currency to the Stellar project. A known rival to XRP and a solution to many problems seen within Ethereum. In the same way NANO addresses many of the problems associated with the traditional blockchain, XLM is seeing waves of interest from those who are now exploring more advanced blockchain solutions. According to Cryptonite:
“Stellar can be used as a blockchain based development platform like Ethereum. Since Stellar’s blockchain is faster and cheaper to use than Ethereum, some companies have moved their projects from the Ethereum blockchain. Since XLM can be quickly and cheaply transferred, companies like IBM as well as some banks have been using XLM to transfer money.”
Therefore, XLM is expected to see some huge growth in 2019. XVG Verge XVG, the next recommendation and a slightly controversial one at that. Verge showed a lot of promise going into 2018 but sadly let hype get the better of it. Even so, Cryptonite believe that XVG will see a re-birth in 2019. According to Cryptonite:
“Verge obscures the IP Address and location of its users, however the thing about Verge is that they use an open ledger instead of a private one. The reason for this is so companies can can see the transaction amounts, thus leading to mass adoption, this is the explanation given by the Verge developers.”
The enhanced privacy on the Verge network is something that could spark some interest from new investors, especially those who are data conscious. Out of the currencies listed by Cryptonite, this is the one we are least convinced about, though who knows, if Verge are able to repair their slightly damaged reputation, we could see a new life for XVG going into the next year. EOS 2018 has been a huge year for EOS. It’s coin offering has come to an end, and EOS has reached it’s all time high, not once but twice. Even though the EOS project looks to have reached a dead end, it’s still promising to grow through 2019 and beyond, this is because, like Stellar, EOS offers an alternative to the Ethereum network, one that also addresses many of the problems associated with the blockchain. According to Cryptonite:
“EOS plans to position itself as a competitor to Ethereum, being able to enable the development, hosting and deployment of commercial scale decentralised applications (dApps). EOS plans to achieve this through parallel processing, rules that require a consensus to be approved, 5% inflation and a decentralised operating system. They have bold ambitions and were rumoured to be an ‘Ethereum Killer’ in its early days.”
2019 is not going to be limited to these five cryptocurrencies. Indeed, Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP are showing just as much promise. Ethereum Classic is another that looks to be ready for another big surge into next year. Infact, the markets on the whole are starting to feel very optimistic. We do believe that 2019 will pick up where 2018 fell short, inspiring more adoption and new waves of clear, concise and helpful cryptocurrency regulation. Whilst we can’t ever guarantee any form of market behaviour, we do genuinely hope that 2019 will be a very prosperous year indeed. References Hackernoon - Cryptonite Article
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