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Mass xRapid Rollout Could Be Inspired By XRP Exchange Liquidity Surge

In recent months, XRPs availability has increased massively.

A new breakdown by the XRP Community Blog goes into the amount of virtual outlets where XRP can now be purchased has jumped in over 300% in under a year. The author goes by the name of Hodor and says:

“Less than one year ago, I inventoried all of the known worldwide exchanges that carried XRP and arrived at approximately 29 exchanges. And recently, I again took inventory of the number of XRP exchanges and entry points, and the number was 105 and growing quickly.

This represents more than a 300% increase in the number of liquidity endpoints in less than a year, with some of the new entrants representing milestones in Ripple’s overall xRapid roll-out strategy.”

Using CoinMarketCap, Live Coin Watch and CoinGecko, the analysis was able to be made by Hodor.

The quick rise is also a good sign for all digital currencies. This massive surge in the number of options means investors of crypto shouldn’t have to wait any longer at exchanges (months at a time) for a possibility of new sign-ups.

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