Interview With Spankchain And LQDEX Co Founder, Yogesh Srihari

Interview With Spankchain And LQDEX Co Founder, Yogesh Srihari

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Many decentralized exchanges (DEX) have made a name for themselves in 2018. These platforms adhere to the rationale Satoshi originally identified in the Bitcoin whitepaper. Decentralized exchanges have become more user-friendly, but there are still major limitations and improvements needed for mass-adoption of DEX platforms. Yogesh Srihari, a crypto-entrepreneur and developer, and his business partner, Sergey Nikitin, were working on LQDEX, an inter-blockchain exchange when they realized cross-chain transactions need to be possible on all decentralized platforms, not just LQDEX. Determined to make their mission a reality, Srihari, and Nikitin split their efforts to begin work on an auxiliary product called LQDEX Bridge. We sat down with Srihari to discuss his experience working in blockchain, LQDEX Bridge and the inter-blockchain exchange, LQDEX.

Interview With Spankchain and LQDEX co-founder, Yogesh Srihari

What is LQDEX?

LQDEX is the parent company and flagship product of the LQDEX family of brands. First and foremost, LQDEX is a trading platform. LQDEX has been developed on proprietary technology that allows trustless cross-chain trading. Unlike atomic swaps, it does not require modifications to external blockchains or the users to be online to execute a trade. LQDEX will be a safe and convenient way to quickly sell, purchase, and trade assets across multiple blockchains. As I previously alluded to, the LQDEX family of brands will include LQDEX (the exchange), LQDEX Bridge, among other products and services.

When do you expect LQDEX, the exchange, to launch?

Very soon. The platform should be live before the end of the year.

What makes your team qualified to pull this project off?

Sergey Nikitin (LQDEX co-founder) and I have been blockchain developers for past 2 years or more. We have worked on a handful of popular blockchain projects independently, including Spankchain and, before partnering to work on LQDEX. I believe our experience in blockchain makes it easier to believe in the team's credibility to pull off a project like LQDEX. We have each team member and advisor listed on our website.

You mentioned LQDEX Bridge, tell me a little bit more about it?

LQDEX Bridge is the auxiliary product we’re developing. LQDEX Bridge will enable decentralized exchanges like EtherDelta, Radar Relay, and Airswap to support the trading of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other external blockchain assets. You can read the technical details regarding the way it’ll operate on

I’m sure you’ve piqued interest in the crypto community. Where can people find you?

You can follow LQDEX on Twitter at @LQDEX_  or join our Telegram group.  

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