Ethereum Set To Be The Most Lucrative Investment

Ethereum Set To Be The Most Lucrative Investment
  • Ethereum is forecasted to rise to more than $750 per unit by October 2018 - a whopping 173% increase.
  • New data also recommends avoiding Alphabet Inc, which could experience a slump of -10% per share.
  • EOS investors experienced a 786% increase in value in just one year, proving that the cryptocurrency surge shows no sign of slowing.
  • In contrast, coffee slumped in the market leading to a -20% change and subsequent loss.
  • New tool compares the performance of commodities, cryptocurrencies and companies to predict the next big investment opportunity.
Do you want to go from being a stock market dreamer to a high earner? A new tool could be what you need to transform your hindsight into insight. How Rich Would You Be? uses market data from the past 12 months to reveal exactly what you could have made if you invested in a variety of cryptocurrencies, commodities and companies. It also forecasts the potential gains for each over the coming months to predict the next big investment opportunity.  Via a bespoke algorithm that uses machine learning, the tool feeds historical data on all 15 options through a recurrent neural network to unveil the future rise and fall in value for each investment. The 15 commodities monitored within the piece include:
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • EOS
  • Gold
  • Oil
  • Copper
  • Wheat
  • Coffee
  • Apple
  • Alphabet (Google)
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
All data is displayed in concise visualisations, allowing you to compare individual or multiple investments side-by-side. The future predictions reveal that the cryptocurrencies will experience the highest percentage increase, yielding more profit than commodities or companies. The algorithm also reveals that the value of Ethereum will skyrocket from $289.26 per unit to $788.42 if it continues on its predicted path - an astounding 173% increase by October 28th. Similarly, Ripple investors should look forward to the next month since the cryptocurrency is charted to rise in value by 159% - surging from $0.34 per unit to $0.88 per unit. Alphabet Inc should perhaps be avoided as the value of the company is set to drop -10% per share. Following in Alphabet’s footsteps is Apple, which is set to fall -8% from $227.63 per share to $208.47. Despite the unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market, the historical data shows that when compared against commodity and company investments, EOS, Bitcoin and Ripple boasted three of the top five investments. EOS aficionados who invested in September 2017 will have noticed a 786% increase in price per unit over the last year - a jump from $0.73 per unit to $6.47. Though it is now set to undergo a negative percentage change, Amazon experienced a 106% increase in value per share between September 2017 and September 2018. Unfortunately for commodity investors, the two investments that have made the biggest losses over the past year include coffee and copper. Coffee has made the most significant loss over the last year, with a -20% change - dropping from $129.65 per pound to $1103.33. Copper investors will also have been disappointed with the -12% change in value over the previous year from $3.06 per pound to $2.68. Commodity investors who chose to invest in oil over copper would have enjoyed a 46% rise from $48.07 per barrel to $69.97 in just one year. Values: Historical and predicted change in 15 leading investment choices
Investment Value in 11/09/17 ($) Value in 03/09/18 ($) Change % Predicted Value in 28/10/18 ($) Predicted Change %
Bitcoin (per unit) 4,161.27 7,260.06 74% 8,920.79 23%
Ethereum (per unit) 294.53 289.26 -2% 788.42 173%
Ripple (per unit) 0.21 0.34 62% 0.88 159%
Bitcoin Cash (per unit) 537.81 626.36 16% 1,491.45 138%
EOS (per unit) 0.73 6.47 786% 9.93 53%
Gold (per ounce) 1,334.20 1,200.05 -10% 1,292.70 8%
Oil (per barrel) 48.07 69.97 46% 70.96 1%
Copper (per pound) 3.06 2.68 -12% 3.06 14%
Wheat (per bushel) 440.00 539.00 23% 555.68 3%
Coffee (per pound) 129.65 103.33 -20% 111.90 8%
Apple (per share) 161.50 227.63 41% 208.47 -8%
Alphabet (Google) (per share) 929.08 1,218.19 31% 1,097.68 -10%
Microsoft (per share) 74.76 112.33 50% 108.68 -3%
Amazon (per share) 977.96 2,012.71 106% 1,901.89 -6%
Facebook (per share) 173.51 175.73 1% 184.87 5%
  To view How Rich Would You Be? please visit: -ENDS- For more information, please contact [email protected] / [email protected] 0113 234 3300 Notes to editors Sources include: Coin Market Cap, Yahoo Finance, Macro Trends, Gold UK and All percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole percent. The creators of this piece take no responsibility for any money won or lost by investing in any of these items - this is simply a data-intensive guide.
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