Passes KYC Check From HitBTC With Flying Results Passes KYC Check From HitBTC With Flying Results token ERT experienced a paused trading activity on HitBTC for the past month. The reason for that is the strict KYC procedure HitBTC is undergoing for the majority of the coins and tokens listed on their exchange, and the companies behind them. HitBTC required multiple documents from, ranging from Certificates of Incorporation and Good Standing, to verifying the identity of the CEO and the team behind and the ERT. The major crypto exchange then underwent a strict and thorough security check and validation of those documents, in order to make sure the is 100 % legit and verified, and has the proper validation to do business. After the careful KYC procedure, HitBTC came with the conclusion that is as real and legal entity as it can possibly be, and their token the ERT has strong foundations and all the necessary requisites to be traded on major exchanges, such as HitBTC. On 10th of September the ERT deposits, withdraws and trading were resumed, followed by a peak trading volume. HitBTCs approval of proves that the company is a real venture, on its way to becoming the one stop place for all esports and games. The company is currently developing their platform and has signed strategic partnership agreements and joint ventures with multiple crypto and gaming partners all around the globe. Multiple new features are in the making, starting with an own Esports Blockchain, where everything will be recorded and verified in a secure, fast and transparent way. All ERT use cases and implementation will be recorded on the Esports Blockchain, ranging from an Esports market place and reaching all the way to different streaming options, which will be available on and through the Esports Reward Token (ERT) Stay tuned for more updates on the and their ERT token.

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