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Do Decentralised Currencies Have An Advantage?

Do Decentralised Currencies Have An Advantage?
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Cryptocurrencies have so much technology behind them which has taken financial sectors all over the world by storm and it is mainly thanks to its decentralised system. Since their introduction to the world, Crypto is proving to be what many traders have been waiting for. In the financial world, freedom wasn’t really a usual thing however, with the introduction of cryptocurrencies, the restriction has gone. Aside from investment, many traders of crypto seem to get themselves caught between centralism and decentralisation within the crypto space. The decentralised idea has been the a package deal for many investors. Being able to free them from all sorts of value draining entities which eats them up through middlemen, third parties, central powers, government and more. Centralised cryptocurrencies aren’t under the control of governments however, the thought of someone being behind the wheel, having the ability to shut it off for thousands of investors is a terrifying thought. The freedom and obscurity of the market is was attracts investors to the industry. When it comes to the cryptocurrency world, preferences and what individual people like is crucial. However, when all the cards have been played it seems to be that decentralised digital currencies are the ones in favour and the ones which have a leg up to centralised digital currencies. This would be due to the simple concept behind it. What are your thoughts? Do you think that decentralised currencies have a leg up in the crypto world? Let us know what you think down below in the comments!

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