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Citizens In South Korea Begin Training To Become Proficient In Blockchain Technology

Forty-two lucky South Korean citizens are soon to undergo intensive training to become proficient in Blockchain technology, thereby setting them up for immediate employment within the country.

According to Kinews, a South Korean news service, the training is part of a wider $100 billion development strategy to help boost South Korea’s technology industry, specifically in the realm of distributed ledger technology. It is anticipated that this strategy will be rolled out over 10 years.

To deliver the crash course, a number of key political authorities have been brought on board including the Korea Standards Association and the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Communication, as well as the Walton Blockchain Research Institute.

In order to ensure that the most reliable and capable individuals were selected to start the training, applicants were screened with the help of intensive CV analysis, as well as interviews.

The chosen applicants have now committed to attending classes for eight hours every day across a period of six months. Fortunately for the lucky participants, all costs for the training have been fully subsidized and, once the course is over, the most impressive students will be selected for immediate and lucrative employment.

South Korea on course to building a strong blockchain eco-system

Compared to other Asian nations such as China (which has rejected many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin), South Korea is transforming its digital landscape into one that welcomes digital currencies with open arms.

Indeed, earlier this year, it was reported that the country was hoping to make the most of blockchain’s potential by establishing dedicating cryptocurrency and blockchain zones. In July 2018, Korea Telecom, South Korea’s mobile carrier, announced that it was launching a blockchain network to be used across various sectors of the economy. This represents just one of a series of developments in a country which will soon see tech investors flocking for its excellent work on blockchain.

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