Chainlink And Waves Prosper After Bithumb Listing Announcement

Chainlink And Waves Prosper After Bithumb Listing Announcement
Two blockchain tokens, LINK and WAVES have seen a huge boost over the last 24 hours after an announcement from Bithumb that suggests the pair will be listed on the exchange sometime during the next week. The official announcement:
“Hello, this is Bithumb, the global cryptocurrency exchange. We are listing Waves (WAVES), Chainlink (LINK) on Bithumb. To celebrate WAVES and LINK listing, we are going to run a 1% pay-back event.”
This pay-back event will be applied only to the deposit and trading of LINK and WAVES. In order to qualify though, users will need to create a deposit address at the time of the deposit, otherwise the official announcement states users who don’t, will be excluded from the promotion. At the time of writing, WAVES is valued at $2.27, up 8.38%. It’s clear the Bithumb announcement has had some impact on WAVES, though some of this progression is no doubt down to the overall positive market trend that is sweeping the markets at present. On the other hand, at the time of writing LINK is valued at $0.329, up a stunning 18.30%. LINK has seen a bigger climb as a result of this and therefore, we can see that the LINK community are indeed excited about being able to trade on Bithumb. We must remember that in June 2018, Bithumb did experience a devastating hack that really did damage the reputation of the exchange, though with these new listings it seems the exchange is now back on track towards repairing that damage in ensuring that they are listing a many new and upcoming coins as possible. Just three weeks ago, Bithumb opened their doors to new registrations in what came to be the first major sign of Bithumb’s recovery. According to CCN:
“The resumption of Bithumb registration will lead to an influx of capital in the crypto exchange market of South Korea, especially in the mid-term, as new investors that have previously been unable to trade will now be able to access Bithumb and its liquidity.”
Bithumb is about to see a resurgence, it seems that now the LINK and WAVES community are going to play a big part in that. References CCN
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