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Abra Wallet Opens Despite BCH Dispute
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Abra Wallet Opens Despite BCH Dispute

On Wednesday 12th September, one of the only cryptocurrency wallet applications that supports 28 applications revealed that it is in cooperation with Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash can now be deposited, withdrawn and even stored from the Abra wallet. The platform also added that users can fund their Abra wallet with Bitcoin Cash no matter where you are around the globe. Abra made the announcement on its official Twitter saying:
“We are pleased to announce that now you can deposit and withdraw bitcoin cash on Abra! Watch our CEO talk about the announcement and on all things #BCH”
Due to creative differences and clashes, Bitcoin Coin was created within the BTC community. currently, some of the most popular supporters of Bitcoin Cash in the blockchain are are the Chief Scientist at nChain, Dr Craig Wright, Jihan Wu who is the founder of the mining giant Bitmain, a business man by the name of Calvin Ayre and Roger Ver who is the CEO of However, the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is once more looking at a conflict like issue with fresh members of the community demanding a further split of the blockchain. The ‘hard fork’ of Bitcoin Cash can follow either Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre with the implementation of BCH on the nChain or Roger Ver and Jihan Wu and their Wormhole protocol. Wu has been accused of have acted as a reserve for Bitcoin Cash. Recently, Jimmy Song, a developer from the Bitcoin Core community came out at the blockchain cruise to discuss the negatives of Bitcoin Cash and what its drawbacks are. His main point was that the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is centralised which defeats the purpose of the blockchain. The Twitter user LitecoinMonkey shared a response to this saying:
“Good way for @AbraGlobal to make money off @BITMAINtech / Ver dumps.Its a win win. Bch dumps,Abra makes fees,Coin revenue from switched coins stays on exchange, adds to transactional volume on smart contracts for #Ltc #BTC @Excellion @SatoshiLite @fluffypony @WhalePanda thoughts?”

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