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Zwoop Will Let You Spend Cryptocurrency, Anywhere
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Zwoop Will Let You Spend Cryptocurrency, Anywhere

A new artificial intelligence based service by the name of Zwoop is set to swoop into the e-commerce sector to totally shake up how we purchase products online. The end goal for Zwoop is to allow customers to spend cryptocurrency in any online store. Paired up with a price comparison page, users of Zwoop will have access to a platform that can allow them to shop for products, and pay for them at the best price, by using the native currency to the platform, Zwoop token. The platform is set to launch in the United Kingdom in September, and will see a large scale roll out in the United States during the early months of 2019. The principle of Zwoop is to save customers time by offering a comparison feature (and money as a result of this) and to offer a totally secure solution for online shopping by using blockchain technology. By using Zwoop, no personal data will be stored on any shopping websites. Therefore not only is this giving users control of their spending, they also regain control of their data, which is possibly the most important thing here. According to, Alessandro Gadotti, the CEO of Zwoop has said: “Developments in e-commerce over the past decade have favoured the merchant rather than the consumer. At Zwoop our philosophy is different: we are on the consumers’ side. We are their transparent and honest personal shopping assistant and we provide unbiased search results, simple one-click checkouts and total control over their payment and personal data.” See the full article for yourself, here. The artificial intelligence built into Zwoop will be used to help the system understand products and the logistics of e-commerce, therefore this will make it far easier for merchants to integrate Zwoop payments into their websites too. By using artificial intelligence, human interaction will be very little, payments will be automated and the platform should run by itself. This is a very cool project, one that we are very excited about and one that could be great for the future of cryptocurrency adoption.

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