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Zuckerberg Set To Join Huobi Expert Advisory Committee
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Zuckerberg Set To Join Huobi Expert Advisory Committee

The Zuckerbergs, made famous by Mark, Mark Zuckerberg the founder and owner of Facebook. Now we know Mark himself does have an interest in cryptocurrencies, and, also wants to start exploring blockchain technologies within Facebook specifically, however it is his sister, Randi Zuckerberg, who is spearheading a new career within the cryptosphere. As a prolific figure at Facebook, (Randi) Zuckerberg has a wealth of experience that will indeed compliment the crypto industry. Randi is now set to join cryptocurrency exchange giants, Huobi, in a move that will see Randi work alongside the Huobi Chain Expert Advisory Committee. According to Global Crypto Express, Huobi have said:
"As a member of the Huobi Chain Expert Advisory Committee, Zuckerberg will assist in the development of Huobi’s public blockchain and will further lend her expertise to the governance of Huobi Chain itself. The Huobi Chain Advisory Committee will provide comprehensive professional advice and insights on the underlying technology, industry application, business model construction and other dimensions of the blockchain. They will also offer advice and support during the election of the Huobi Chain Leader Championship."
Within the tech community, the Zuckerbergs are very prolific figures and therefore, there has to be some underlying motivations within this new appointment. Randi promises to bring a wealth of experience to the Huobi panel, however I can’t help but wonder if there will still be a connection made between Randi and Facebook here. As mentioned, Randi has a significant role at Facebook. Now as we know, Facebook want to explore blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency, could Huobi be the company that Facebook need to help make this happen? Possibly so. Randi Zuckerberg hasn’t worked at Facebook for some time now. After working for Facebook, she actually established a company by the name of Zuckerberg Media, a company which creates content for huge international organisations such as the United Nations. Perhaps then with this in mind, Randi’s role within Huobi will still refer to her own business and Zuckerberg media, perhaps this will see Huobi approach blockchain technology at a new angle and maybe we will see Huobi inject themselves into the media industry too? Or, maybe this is just a fresh start for Randi, and we’re all speculating a little too much? References Global Crypto Express

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