XRP To Be Added To Canada’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange

XRP To Be Added To Canada’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange
XRP is set to be added to Coinsquare, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Canada. This is exciting news, especially as it falls in line within a period that is seeing extensive research carried out by the Canadian Central Bank into cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Crypto in Canada is set to see a huge rise in popularity as the government and banking authorities move closer to adoption and cement themselves as a crypto centric country. By getting into a top exchange now, Ripple are ensuring the XRP has a solid future within the Canadian borders. According to Coinsquare, XRP is now live in a beta phase and thus interaction with XRP on the exchange is limited. Regardless of this, Coinsquare customers can now fund their accounts with XRP, can purchase XRP with fiat and cryptocurrency and can trade XRP for fiat and other cryptocurrencies on the exchange. As it stands, XRP withdrawals are now available, so therefore, to withdraw XRP assets they will need to be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum of fiat. Once the beta phase has passed, XRP withdrawals will go live. You can see the full announcement from Coinsquare for yourself, here. According to Cryptovest, Cole Diamond, the CEO of Coinsquare has said:
"XRP has been a highly requested asset which we are thrilled to now be offering to Canadians. Now that we have the technical infrastructure built out to add more currencies safely and efficiently, I'm excited to announce that we will be adding more coins to our offering in the near future.”
Moreover, Thomas Jankowski, the Chief Digital and Growth Officer at Coinsquare has said:
"The carefulness that we took with listing XRP will enable us to more seamlessly support coins moving forward, and has allowed Coinsquare to have the groundwork in place for more streamlined expansion.”
See the full article for yourself, here. As Coinsquare grows, it is set to bring XRP with it. Of course, XRP will bring new customers into Coinsquare so in that sense, XRP will help facilitate Coinsquare growth too. As XRP is still in beta mode then we should expect there to be some bugs and some minor issues on the way, but once this gets sorted and XRP withdrawals go live, the value of XRP and trading volumes therein are sure to benefit.
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