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Was Bitcoin Created by TRON Founder Justin Sun?

Was Bitcoin Created by TRON Founder Justin Sun?
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Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON and one of Twitter’s best loved crypto superstars is no stranger to the headlines. There’s one headline this week that has been circulating the community and its one that highlights a connection between TRON’s latest move in their BitTorrent acquisition and a comment by the illusive Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto who seemed to refer to success in file sharing, way back when.   In November 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto released a number of emails that refer to a large scale peer to peer file sharing services, citing BitTorrent as an example of such a service. Nakamoto essentially suggests that in order to become successful as a valued currency, Bitcoin needed to exist within a file trading network, in order to actually build value.   According to The Daily Hodl, Nakamoto said:   “For transferable proof of work tokens to have value, they must have monetary value. To have monetary value, they must be transferred within a very large network – for example a file trading network akin to bittorrent. Governments are good at cutting off the heads of a centrally controlled networks like Napster, but pure P2P networks like Gnutella and Tor seem to be holding their own.”   Since then and since the TRON x BitTorrent announcement, Justin Sun has outlined his plans for a full TRON integration within BitTorrent:   “There is no incentive for peers who have completed downloading to continue to seed. We intend to extend the rewards to peers who seed torrents, infusing more resources into the current ecosystem. Hundreds of millions of BT users across the globe will become part of the Tron ecosystem. BitTorrent will be the largest application on the Tron network, The integration of BitTorrent and Tron will offer new possibilities to global payment and settlement of the Tron online content. The creators of this content will reach hundreds of millions of global users through this decentralized network without intermediaries.”   See the full article for yourself, here.     So, what does this mean? Are Nakamoto and Sun the same person and was Bitcoin just an elaborate plot to built TRON? According to Forbes, Sun is currently 28 years old, which means for him to be Nakamoto, he would have been around 15 when he built Bitcoin. Therefore, it’s pretty unlikely but I guess it’s not a totally wild concept.   We aren’t saying that Justin Sun is Nakamoto, this is just an interesting way to highlight how Nakamoto has discussed a BitTorrent integration earlier on. Realistically what has no doubt happened here - Sun has been made aware of Nakamoto’s reference and thus, has just gone and made the acquisition to stamp out the competition.   The bottom line in all of this, the TRON acquisition of BitTorrent is big news and means great things for the future of the TRON ecosystem.   Sun probably didn’t invent Bitcoin, but imagine if he did…

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