Not Everyone Is Happy With TRON’s Acquisition Of BitTorrent

Not Everyone Is Happy With TRON’s Acquisition Of BitTorrent
It’s hardly news now, but yes, TRON bought BitTorrent, one of the worlds biggest networks for peer to peer sharing, giving TRON access to a huge customer base and also fulfilling Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of a crypto future that had engagement within such an application. Yes, Nakamoto is said to have even referenced BitTorrent at one point.With the majority of the crypto community optimistic about this move, many of us have spent a lot of time looking at how the future for TRON now looks with BitTorrent in its portfolio. We wondered how much control Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and the now owner of BitTorrent would have. With these recent revelations it seems that indeed, Sun is in charge here after reports suggest that Bram Cohen, the inventor of BitTorrent, has quietly stepped down from his role within the company. His resignation has come very quietly, suggesting that the reason for his resignation may be a little sensitive, or, more likely, that this is something both TRON and BitTorrent want to keep on the downlow.Has Cohen been forced out?Indeed, if TRON and Sun’s future vision doesn’t fit in with Cohen’s ideals, it would make sense for him to leave, that’s what we believe might have happened here.What’s been said?The reports come from TorrentFreak who, according to The Next Web have attempted to contact Cohen via a BitTorrent email address. An auto-response sent back to TorrentFreak seems to confirm that Cohen is no longer at the company. According to The Next Web:
“TorrentFreak reports that Bram Cohen has severed ties with BitTorrent Inc, the company that he founded in 2004, after inventing and launching his Torrent protocol three years earlier. There has been no official announcement from TRON or the BitTorrent inventor on this development. TorrentFreak received an auto-response after trying to reach out to Cohen’s BitTorrent email, it became clear that the address was no longer active.”
“Cohen later confirmed that he is no longer involved with TRON, meaning that BitTorrent’s integration with Justin Sun’s blockchain ecosystem will go on without its founder.”
See more for yourself, here. Frankly, Cohen will have seen this coming, no way did he agree to sell his company for a price in excess of $140 million but still expect to remain at the helm and in control. Perhaps he envisioned working closely with Sun, or, perhaps he’s quit whilst he’s ahead, taken his profit and run with it. Who knows?Either way, we now know that Sun is very much at the helm, without Cohen’s influence the future of BitTorrent is a little less certain now, though this is a valuable project and therefore, it’s something TRON will be looking to make the most out of. Investment Disclaimer
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