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Ethereum Payments To Be Enabled Through The Opera Browser

Ethereum Payments To Be Enabled Through The Opera Browser
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Opera is a web browser that can run on Windows, Mac and Linux, Android and iOS, offering millions of users around the world a platform through which they can browse the internet, utilise social tools, access private networks and, very recently, store cryptocurrency within a built in Ethereum wallet. In July 2018, the team behind Opera launched a brand new Ethereum wallet which would be compatible with the Opera for Android web browser, and allows users to access an Ethereum wallet without the need for any additional extensions or plugins. The wallet uses Ethereum’s Web3 API, so boasts a number of excellent security features too. Today, Opera have announced a new upgrade to this system, one that will start to allow Ethereum payments to be made through the Opera browser on Windows devices. This will work, through an integration of the current Opera for Android Ethereum wallet. According to
“Today, Opera announced that upcoming versions of the Opera browser for PC will be able to utilize the Android cryptocurrency wallet to make payments directly from the desktop.
To make Ethereum payments directly from the desktop, users will need to link their Opera for PC browsers with the Opera for Android mobile browser by scanning a QR code.  Once the QR code is scanned, desktop users will be able to make payments to Dapps, or decentralized apps that run on the Ethereum blockchain, simply by clicking on the pay button for the service.”
“This will cause a notification to be displayed on the mobile device from the Opera for Android app asking if you wish to give permission for the payment to take place. You can then sign the transaction using your fingerprint and the payment will be made.”
See more for yourself, here. Online Transactions Graphic on Opera Browser Image sourced from: This is a fantastic idea and offers owners of both Android smartphones and Windows computers access to an Ethereum payment system that is quick, easy, and above all secure. My utilising an option for biometric transaction confirmations, Opera are giving this system a real security boost, one that in turn will no doubt boost the popularity of their browser on the whole, as more and more people look into using it to complete their own Ethereum payments. As this becomes established, we could begin to see other cryptocurrencies added to both the Android wallet and the browser payment system. Moreover, we expect this platform to see integration within iOS and Mac products soon too.

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