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Ethereum Classic Flies On Coinbase Listing, Up 15% And Climbing

We’ve been waiting an awfully long time for this, but finally, it’s official, Ethereum Classic is now live on Coinbase! This comes after weeks of work from the Coinbase team, establishing a platform for their new listing and marketing it as the next big step in Coinbase’s development.

This is great news for the adoption of Ethereum Classic and of course, the value and market capitalisation of Ethereum Classic. Moreover, Ethereum Classic will be made available on Coinbase for every customer across the world, giving more and more people the opportunity to invest in this growing asset.

Ethereum Classic has of course reacted very well to this news and is currently flying up the markets at a stunning rate. At the time of writing, the market capitalisation of Ethereum Classic has grown tremendously, taking it up to 11th place according to CoinMarketCap, surpassing both Dash and TRON in the process.

At the time of writing, Ethereum Classic is valued at $14.00, up 15.88%. This rise stands out in a market that is otherwise continuing to fall. Ethereum Classics neighbours, Monero and TRON are up 1.41% and down 2.20% respectively, just to give you some context as to how huge this current swing is for Ethereum Classic.

The ATH for Ethereum Classic currently stands just over $45.00 so as it stands, we are by no means on track to breaking any records, though the current jump from Ethereum Classic should offer some investors a little bit of relief, after what has been a catastrophic week for altcoins across the market.

For now, we will wait to see how Ethereum Classic performs throughout the day. As this is such a big listing with such scope, we expect Ethereum Classic to benefit from this through the rest of the week, by the start of next week, we could well be looking at a new top ten cryptocurrency and moreover, could be nursing prices of around $20.00. If you bought in the dip, you’re going to be pretty pleased this weekend.

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