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Bitcoin Cash Stick it to Bitcoin With Controversial New Rebrand

Bitcoin Cash Stick it to Bitcoin With Controversial New Rebrand
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The Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin Core battle seems to have gone quiet since the latter variant tried to take Bitcoin Cash to court. It does seem though that within their latest move, Bitcoin Cash are trying to stir up the argument once again. Let the battle commence… Just as a refresher, Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin (also known as Bitcoin Core to some). The argument essentially exists between the two forks on the basis that each believe they are the original Bitcoin. It’s complicated and often it gets quite immature, but it does make good reading, and watching in this case…

This video, by Bitcoin Cash has been produced to launch the new Bitcoin Cash logo. The video depicts a Street Fighter arcade game style video in which Bitcoin Cash wins a fight against Bitcoin Core. As the video ends, a new logo for Bitcoin Cash is unveiled. Well, I say a new logo, it’s actually the old logo with the ‘cash’ part removed and replaced with a blank space. It’s a clear attack on Bitcoin and has been developed to resonate one message:   “Bitcoin Cash is the Original Bitcoin” Image sourced from the video… clearly According to PR Newswire, Calvin Ayre of Bitcoin Cash has spoken about the new rebrand, stating that: “Bitcoin Cash fulfils the original mandate of Bitcoin - a low transaction fee digital currency - the segwit coin does not. So the statement is correct: Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. Bitcoin will fulfil its destiny to bring more economic freedom to the disadvantaged of the world. Bitcoin will bring banking to the unbanked and allow new business models to improve the quality of life for everyone." See the full article for yourself, here.   Is this a rebrand, or just an attack on Bitcoin? We can’t be sure if this is actually a rebrand or if this is just Bitcoin Cash trying to stir Bitcoin Core into another battle. This seems likely, since Bitcoin is doing well at the moment. By jumping on the hype train, increased coverage for Bitcoin Cash could do the value of the currency some good. Let’s quickly peer at Bitcoin Cash within the markets. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash is valued at  $752.67, down 1.56%. It is on a slight decline, away from the positive trend of Bitcoin which is currently up 0.37%. This is as a result of market correction so is nothing to worry about at the moment. This news though and this recent attack on Bitcoin could lead to some further developments that might in turn encourage some price movements. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what happens and moreover, we’ll have to wait and see how the Bitcoin Core fanatics respond to this.

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