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TRON Turns One, What A Year It's Been

TRON Turns One, What A Year It's Been
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Today makes the first anniversary of the conception of TRON. It also marks the birthday of Justin Sun, the founder of TRON. Coincidence? With festivities high and both the TRON Foundation and Sun in high spirits, we should congratulate the team for the hard work that has led them to this. It’s not even been a year since the TRON ICO, yet as it stands, TRON is the 11th biggest cryptocurrency in the markets in terms of market capitalisation. It’s actually quite annoying that Sun keeps referring to TRX as a top ten as technically, it isn't. It’s way off tenth place as well, in the shadow of Tether, but then I guess he doesn’t count Tether because it’s a stable coin. Either way though, it would be nice if Sun tried to face reality a little here. According to Ethereum World News, those who purchased TRX (back then, an ERC-20 token) for the sale price of $0.0019, based on today’s value of $0.034, the return on their investment would be 1,689%. Now, as TRON celebrates today, we are seeing the team set up for the next 12 months and a new future as a cryptocurrency, working on a custom TRON mainnet, with a native TRX token. TRON is now independent of the Ethereum blockchain and thus, promises to grow like never before. If TRX has made investors a 1,689% return this year, who knows what we might see next year right? Furthermore, according to Ethereum World News:
“The dream for a top 6 finish by the end of 2018 are very achievable given that the launches of the Testnet and Mainnet went along without any glitches. The Tron mainnet has been running flawlessly since the 25th of June when the Genesis block was launched during the Tron Independence day. Other notable developments include the BitTorrent acquisition with plans to integrate its over 100 Million users to the Tron Ecosystem. The Tron foundation also released the Tron Virtual Machine on the 30th of July on the same day as the project’s 1 year anniversary and Justin’s birthday.”
See the full article for yourself, here.   The future for TRON and Sun is very bright. We are expecting big things from this team and their TRX token. After a few months of depleted movements, through August and beyond, TRON could start to look very promising once again. Oh yeah, TRX might even become a TOP TEN cryptocurrency soon enough!

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