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Paying With ETH On Amazon? Time To Meet Zeex
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Paying With ETH On Amazon? Time To Meet Zeex

Zeex promises to be the next generation for cryptocurrency adoption. This is a platform and a concept that we are very excited about. And yes, Zeex does mean we can spend Ethereum at Amazon... What is Zeex? Zeex is a crypto to product concept, with zero fees, far away from FIAT. In essence, Zeex lets you purchase items from your favourite stores, via cryptocurrency. It is literally the essence of cryptocurrency adoption, in a swift and trendy new platform. Check out the official Zeex website, here- Zeex provides users with access to real life products and discounted gift cards, through an anonymous and decentralised format. Stunningly, within the Zeex platform, users are not subject to any exchange or transaction fees. It’s a ridiculously simple to use platform and we absolutely love it. Zeex already has a working product, with a real end goal, as a matter of fact before the platform has even fully launched, the Zeex team have another of ready partners involved, including their sister company, Zeek, a company already well established within the gift card industry, representing over 350 top brands internationally. From the outset, Zeek will facilitate cryptocurrency payments for H&M, GAP, Clarks, Nike, Amazon, Xbox, Lee Cooper, Apple, Adidas, Foot Locker, Primark, asos, Reebok, Nine West, ticketmaster, Google Play, Tesco, Playstation Store and American Eagle Outfitters, plus 450 other reputable global brands. The next step for Zeex is to see new wallet integrations and an increase in gift card availability, the next six-months will be very busy indeed for the team here. The Zeex native token, ZIX is about to launch via a public pre sale. The public pre sale begins on the 5th of July 2018 and is live for 24 hours only. During this time investors will be eligible for up to 20% bonus. The ZIX token offers owners lifetime access to some incredible products, as well as discount on corporate currencies. Moreover, ZIX token holders will be granted a number of other rights too, making this weeks pre sale a very attractive opportunity indeed. ZIX holders will be given priority when the demand for ZIX exceeds the supply. ZIX token holders will be given access to faster transactions since ZIX will be used as collateral to ensure instant payment settlements. Finally, the ZIX token will also allow holders to access the Zeex platform, securely and anonymously. Overall this is something we are very excited about. This really is the premise of cryptocurrency adoption in a real, friendly and easy to use form, a form that doesn’t hit the customer with fees and a form that offers customers real benefits and incentives. The pre-sale period offers new investors a chance to jump onto something very exciting. Zeex is not only the biggest step towards cryptocurrency adoption that we have ever seen, it could very well be the step that the crypto-revolution needs.

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