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NEO And Its Future

NEO And Its Future
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Since its launch four years ago as AntShares, NEO has come such a long way and the journey has only really just begun. As the saying goes, the future's bright. During 2017, the NEO project really came into its own and achieved significant growth and recognition within the cryptocurrency world. Showcasing their potential 2017 was the year in which NEO really showcased its potential to the world with a number of advancements in technology. This was shown in the creation of the NEO 2.X, which further helped to strengthen the Smart Economy infrastructure. The future NEO 3 Built upon this technology is the hallmark for an exciting future. Their next network upgrade will be the launch of the NEO 3. Co-founder, Erik Zhang, is hugely excited about this and the launch of its brand new platform, as it will provide greater stability, optimised pricing models, and major bug fixes. There will also be a huge improvement in its use of smart contracts. What are the big changes? The biggest change will be towards their economic model. At present, the decimal part of GAS cannot be used as payment towards network fees. This is to change, so that GAS can be divided and used to pay those fees. This new development will have a positive knock-on effect on NEO pricing, helping to increase profit. The NEO project will continue to grow in the future with further investment in its artificial intelligence, identity and general ecosystem. With the brightest minds in the business, they can really only go from strength to strength. Increased profit and driving growth NEO is destined to be bigger and better. The NEO ecosystem and smart system of 2019 and onwards will be driven by increased research, a stable identity, and solid infrastructure. It's well on its way to becoming the sought after platform for the future of the smart economy. Watch this space.

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