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Liverpool To Achieve Carbon Neutrality With Blockchain Foundation

Liverpool To Achieve Carbon Neutrality With Blockchain Foundation
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Liverpool, a major city on the west coast of England is set to be the home of a brand new blockchain project that has been designed to help reduce the cities carbon emissions, in order to become a ‘climate positive city’ by 2020. According to new reports, Liverpool City Council have announced a new partnership with Poseidon Foundation, a Maltese blockchain company which specialises in using blockchain technology to help reduce carbon emissions. As it stands, the Poseidon Foundation currently have huge links with the UK in currently working on a project with the UK’s Ice Cream industry to reduce carbon emissions nationwide. According to CCN, the CEO of Poseidon Foundation Laszlo Giricz has said:
“This is a ground-breaking partnership not just for Poseidon and Liverpool, but globally. For the first time, a city will use blockchain technology to go beyond rebalancing its carbon footprint – leading the way in the fight against climate change.”
You can see the full article for yourself, here. Liverpool is famous for technological innovation (as well as the world’s greatest football team) and therefore, this isn’t the first time the city has explored blockchain technology on this scale. As a matter of fact, the city is currently home to a digital pound which is used as a local currency by around 16,000 users. This dates back as far at 2013, so therefore, it’s actually surprising that Liverpool City Council are only just ready to jump back on the blockchain train. By becoming climate positive, not only do Liverpool City Council aim to make the city carbon neutral, they actually aim to go one step further to produce and provide more renewable energy than the city requires. By using blockchain technology, this energy can then be issued fairly and economically, ensuring that in turn, in 2020, Liverpool can become a city that relies purely on its own energy with absolutely zero carbon footprint. It’s a bold move to achieve this by 2020, but with the team at Poseidon Foundation already working hard and wheels already in motion at Liverpool City Council, this time in two years, we could be looking at the world's first carbon positive city, right on the shores of the river Mersey, all thanks to blockchain technology.

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