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Over the past week, the team has worked on the implementation and development of some cutting-edge features, which will be introduced by the end of the summer. Some of the features include: -Introduction of community content. Content, prepared by the community, will be an essential part of the ecosystem. The community is expected to be rewarded with eSports Reward Token (ERT) for submitting quality content regarding different esports. Later on, people can sell their ERT on the exchanges for profit or use it to purchase different goods/services from the ecosystem. -Tipster. Tipster will be a feature, providing advanced tips and information about a wide range of esports. By the end of the year, the ERT will be implemented, so that everyone who wants to receive the most up-to date tips and info about their favorite game, can bet the Tips in exchange for eSports Reward Token (ERT) - Calendar Events- A new feature which will provide calendar information about esports. The events will include tournaments, interviews, battles and much more. It is rumored that the ERT will also be implemented in that feature, allowing for automated updates regarding events as well as advanced statistics and much more. is actively working on their project, following a strict and demanding timeline. Their token, the ERT, will soon take its proper utility place in the platform. Stay tuned for more updates about and their token, the ERT.

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