Continues To Develop Their Platform Continues To Develop Their Platform is actively working on developing their platform in order to deliver the best experience possible to their users and community. Currently they are working on developing their iOS app, as well as introducing more features on their platform. Design changes can be expected, as early as the beginning of September. Moreover, the company is exploring the world of crypto games, based on the blockchain. The team is looking for opportunities which are yet to be explored, when it comes to merging the esports and crypto world. They believe blockchain technology could be of use to the gaming society, as it can provide security and a unique approach towards gaming. is also exploring opportunities to provide purpose for their token, the ERT. Some of the ideas are to use the token as a port of a prize pool for different esports, ranging from FPS to Strategies and Desktop games. The much-anticipated bull run on cryptocurrency could be around the corner, so it won't be a surprise if the ERT price shows some major price increase. Rest assured, is doing their best to develop their platform and token, in order to satisfy the desire of the community.

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