And In A Strategic Partnership And In A Strategic Partnership is following their Roadmap and has made another strategic partnership deal. Among the milestones of their Roadmap are website redesign, TV/PS4/ XBOX application development as well as a few strategic partnerships. Currently, is finalizing an agreement with a company focused on Asia’s gaming /esports & crypto sectors. is an aggregated payment system which combines popular localized payment methods such as Telco top-up card, prepaid cards and Ebanking. It also enables game developers to collect in-app revenue from gamers who do not own credit cards. The ERT will be implemented in their future mutual collaboration, most likely for in-app purchases as well as for other things, revolving around has proven so far that it is one of the few legit projects, that made an ICO and are actually working towards their end goal. 90% of the projects are either failure or scam, but and their ERT token shows that they are as real as they get. The future for the ERT looks bright, as many new implementations are expected, as early as the end of 2018, which will bring utilization for the ERT, resulting in an increased demand for it and a steady trading volume. Surely then, early supporters of the project and participants in the ICO will be benefited with a price increase as well as steady future trading volume.

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