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Digibyte To Increase As More Billionaires Promote Crypto
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Digibyte To Increase As More Billionaires Promote Crypto

After being in development for 5 years, having over 190,000 downloads and spreading across 200,000 servers, Digibyte seems to be heading for an increase as multiple billionaires have started to promote cryptocurrency. Around the Digibyte blockchain is not only sustainability but confidence too. Digibyte has a very successful past with it being an established cryptocurrency and well placed. Digibyte is distributed all across the world and many experts and analysts are looking forward to seeing where it can go. These analysts also can see Digibyte overtaking some higher-ranking technologies which do similar tasks and having the rich history of Digibyte playing to their advantage, we could see the digital currency become a major player in the years to come. Many wealthy crypto currency investors such as Mike Novogratz have been talking about cryptocurrency for some time now and he believes that a market cap of $800 billion is coming within the next 12 months for the crypto markets. Last November, Novogratz spoke to CNBC’s Fast Money and said that he can easily see Bitcoin reaching $40,000 by the end of 2018. It’s rumoured that Novogratz has invested around 10% of his wealth into cryptocurrencies.

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