A New Series Called ‘The Ripple Drop’ Set To Launch Soon

A New Series Called ‘The Ripple Drop’ Set To Launch Soon
Refer to ‘the Ripple drop’ and people get very defensive. The idea of Ripple XRP dropping of course is something that concerns an awful lot of people. To be honest, I do believe that this acts as a motivation for Ripple’s latest announcement in which we see the start of a brand new video series called the Ripple Drop. Therefore, the name ‘Ripple Drop’ has been carefully selected to generate media attention, I guess at least. Video news is a growing medium within cryptocurrencies. YouTube is the home of the crypto-vlogger and thus, it seems that Ripple want to capitalise on this area of the industry. It’s easy to see why videos are popular, as opposed to texts and articles, videos offer a more fulfilling and immersive experience. Moreover, videos can often be seen as more memorable and put a face to the news, something that a lot of investors and traders are keen to see.Therefore, I believe that this latest move by Ripple has been established to ensure transparency from the company, and moreover, to reach a new audience of people within the growing crypto-news community.What is the Ripple Drop?According to an official announcement made by Ripple:
“The Ripple Drop will run every first and third Monday of the month and cover the latest news about Ripple’s customers, technology, products and culture. In each episode we’ll talk to some familiar faces at the company to give you the inside scoop on these critical topics.”
“On this week’s episode, we focus on the importance of liquidity with Catherine Coley, head of XRP Institutional Liquidity. Then, we sit down with Asheesh Birla, Ripple’s SVP of Product, to talk about the recent addition of Kotak Mahindra Bank to RippleNet and why xCurrent is a game changer for financial institutions in India and other emerging markets. Last, we learn about a new job opening at Ripple headquarters in San Francisco — a role that will support our University Blockchain Research Initiative — from Jim Chauncey-Kelly, Ripple’s Head of Talent Acquisition.”
See more for yourself, here- https://ripple.com/insights/introducing-ripple-drop/This is a great platform for a number of reasons. Firstly, as mentioned, it ensures transparency between Ripple and their customers. Next, it gives Ripple a platform to make official announcements. Ripple is a brand surrounded by speculation, people like to make stories up about Ripple as ultimately, they get a lot of attention. With the Ripple Drop, Ripple will be able to debunk rumour and myth in a uniform way, through a medium that will be presented to its customers twice a month. Finally, this also gives Ripple a chance to show off some members of their team. It allows for experts to come together to debate and most importantly, it allows the Ripple community to see some real involvement with Ripples projects and services.This is something we are very excited about. As a news source, Crypto Daily will learn a lot from the Ripple Drop, therefore, expect to see a lot of reporting from us about the news presented to us in the Ripple Drop. HINT- You can see the first episode of The Ripple Drop in the embedded tweet above! Investment Disclaimer
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