This Crypto Start Up Plans To Bring Amazon And Microsoft To The Blockchain

This Crypto Start Up Plans To Bring Amazon And Microsoft To The Blockchain
A new UK based start-up thinks they have have the solution for the convergence between cloud hosting and blockchain technology. Many believe that ‘the cloud’ is seen as the pre-blockchain, an infant version of a technology which is essentially used for the storage and the transmission of data. Whilst the two both have intrinsic benefits, cloud tech fanatics are opposed to the blockchain and likewise, the blockchain community think it’s time to get rid of the cloud. ‘Decentralised Architecture for a Democratic Internet’ or DADI for short, is a project set up by the DADI network, in an attempt to help us, as customers control how our data is handled online. They wish to influence tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft and help them move over to a blockchain based system, making the internet more democratic. According to City AM:
“DADI would like to see its service replace the data centres managed and monetised by large tech companies. Dadi estimates that around 74 per cent of the market is controlled by the so-called Big Four: Microsoft (31 per cent), Amazon (26 per cent), IBM (9 per cent) and Google (8 per cent).”
Moreover, according to the CEO of DADI, Joseph Denne:
“A vast amount of computational power currently goes unused in homes and businesses, around the world. Expensive computers, games consoles, set-top boxes, smart televisions and other devices spend large amounts of their life unused or in standby mode. And that’s the power we’ll harness for this new network - drastically reducing reliance on expensive data centres that harm the environment. In the same way that homeowners can now install solar panels and sell excess electricity back to the National Grid, the public will be able to connect their devices in the home to the Dadi network - earning passive income as a contributor and part-owner of a fairer, faster, safer internet.”
You can see the full article for yourself, here- The project will reward people for allowing the DADI network to use your computing power to help store and transact this data. Whilst the article doesn’t make it clear what this reward is, due to the nature of this industry, we expect it to come in the form of a cryptocurrency. This is an innovative idea and it could very well see the blockchain take a huge step forward towards adoption. Moreover, if Amazon and Microsoft break into blockchain technology for their data storage, the whole face of this industry will change for good. Other exciting implications of this are of course that, should DADI’s world domination by successful, this will get the blockchain name into the mainstream. With the blockchain name out there, cryptocurrency will follow and with that will come investment. Okay, I’m not saying DADI is the trigger that will inspire the world to adopt cryptocurrency, but it’s a nice thought isn’t it.
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