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The Crypto Refresh 2nd June
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The Crypto Refresh 2nd June

Long story short, our famed Crypto Refresh is now moving to Saturday. The team have made an executive decision and that’s that. Hey, if anything it gives you something to do on Saturdays now, right? Sit back and relax, whilst we take you on a journey through time and space, on the way, stopping off at the weeks landmark events for you to embark on a tour of our universe for your viewing pleasure. Get clued up with the latest news once more in our weekly round up of all things crypto. As a week, the latter quarter of May has been rather quite forgettable. In terms of the markets, little progression has been made and though, May hasn’t been quite as dreadful as March, we leave this week behind stinking of pessimism and sorrow. Honestly though, it’s a new week, a new month and frankly, we are pretty confident that things are about to start moving upwards. June might not promise a great deal yet, but, watch this space… thing’s are going to change! Bitcoin Gold Double Spend Attacks Bitcoin Gold became the latest currency to fall victim to the on going hacking crisis. This instance has seen around $17 Million stolen by delinquents. If anything, this served the community as a stark reminder of just how risky the cryptocurrency markets are. Authorities in South Korea reassessing ICO Ban This week, it is reported that South Korean Authorities have met with the aim to discuss the implications of allowing regulated ICO’s to start happening once again within South Korea. This new stance reflects the nation’s growing attitudes as open and liberal towards cryptocurrencies. Crypto-Rehab Clinic Opens in Scotland Scotland are the first country to recognise a link between gambling style addiction and cryptocurrency investment and have, as a result, opened a new rehab clinic within a Hospital that already has the facilities to treat gambling addiction. This will see the hospital spearhead a whole new approach towards cryptocurrency and of course, towards mental health care for people with issues relating to gambling and risk taking behaviour. Vulnerabilities Found in EOS Network Ahead of EOSIO Launch Ahead of the Block.One EOSIO launch, the community have located a number of vulnerabilities in the network. This was however resolved pretty quickly and thus, as we write this, EOS is looking good and moreover, EOSIO is on the right path to success. Monster to Launch ICO and Take Over Amazon Monster, the group behind Monster Cable and Beats Audio are embarking on the biggest ICO to ever exist, in order to fund a new plan to build a blockchain based marketplace that could rival Amazon. It’s a bold move and really, it sounds a little unrealistic, either way though, Monster are reporting heavy losses of late and therefore, this seems to be the last chance saloon for the group. TRON MainNet Launch Finally, we have seen the roll out of the TRON MainNet. As it is in beta-phase at the moment, TRON are offering a bounty of up to $100,000.00 for any developers that are able to spot any bugs within the network. Otherwise, TRON has not responded so well to the launch overall, continuing to lose value through the end of May and into the start of June. We do however expect this to settle out soon enough. Ethereum Classic Difficulty Bomb Disposed The difficulty bomb in Ethereum Classics network has provided many a talking point over the past few months. Developers on Ethereum Classic have recently carried out a hard fork to prevent the difficulty bomb from having an impact on the network. Whilst a hard fork goes against the nature of Ethereum Classic, it does, in turn mean that the currency will remain mineable, now that the ‘difficulty bomb block’ has passed. Weiss-Ratings Out New Weiss-Ratings have been released, act fast though because after tomorrow, you won’t be able to access the full rankings! That’s all for this week. Of course, much much more has happened but hopefully, as ever, the crypto refresh has provided you with a brief outline of what has been yet another busy week for our content team. Check on our breaking news section for all the up to date news stories and of course, if you want a full in depth look at the weeks event, trawl through out archives at your own pace, it’ll be worth your time, we promise!

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