Qtum Sailing High As Qtum Team Announce New Focus For The Future

Qtum Sailing High As Qtum Team Announce New Focus For The Future
Patrick Dai, Founder of Qtum has announced some new plans for the future of Qtum and the Qtum team. After a recent period of down time, led by cryptocurrency uncertainty in China, it seems Qtum now have some key focuses that aim to drive Qtum forward in the race for cryptocurrency adoption. The announcement comes in the form of numerous tweets made by Dai, discussing some facts about Qtum, if you fancy reading through them, you can see his Twitter page here- @PatrickXDai Overall, this seems to have inspired some optimism into Qtum. At the time of writing, Qtum is valued at $14.05, up 5.72%, making great progression in a market that, by average, looks to be sitting on flat movements, the majority of currencies seem to be up or down by around a percent. Where is Qtum headed, according to Dai? Well, as I have mentioned, adoption is the key target. Dai wants to achieve this through a number of different enhancements to Qtum and the Qtum community, driven by increased community engagement. Ethereum contracts run on Qtum easily and moreover, cheaply. Efficiency is something that certainly seems to be driving many cryptocurrencies towards adoption, Qtum can be a part of this. Dai also believes that marketing is a key factor that needs to be considered, stating that:
“We will push Qtum once again to massive adoption.. earlier, because the regulation risk in china, we slow down the marketing plan since December of 2017, then we focused on development work since the beginning of 2018, but we realized we still need more efforts on marketing.”
Spread the message well, and more investment will come, that’s a given though right? Moreover, the Qtum model means that traders can send single unites of Qtum to 1000’s of addresses all at the same time, this is called the UTXO model and is another factor that Dai believes is going to drive Qtum into the mainstream. By Dai’s address, it sounds as if, the recent downtime has allowed him to really think and really focus on the positives of Qtum, thus, allowing him to use these positives to give the Qtum team and the Qtum community a whole new direction to focus upon.
“We realized we are building the best technology in this industry, but we did not put enough efforts on the marketings and community management, we will improve this soon! thanks for the support.”
Overall, Qtum is doing very well at the moment. As a currency ranked 20th for market cap, Qtum is entering June with a whole new perspective and most importantly, a thirst to grow.
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