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Promising Week Draws To A Close As Markets Sit Tight
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Promising Week Draws To A Close As Markets Sit Tight

This week, for the first time in a number of weeks we have seen the markets make some positive progression. Now, it does of course seem that some of this progression has been limited, by some new bearish movements, overall though, we are starting to feel a little more positive with regards to the market outlook and market values. If we look at the markets now and compare values over 24-hours, things are looking banal at best, run a comparison over a week though and you might be able to see why exactly we are starting to feel a little more optimistic about everything. Either that, or we are just happy that it’s Friday. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is valued at $7,654.85, down 0.78%. This time last week, Bitcoin was valued at $7,425.48 and thus has peaked over $7,700.00 on a couple of occasions. Does this mean a recovery is finally in sight? Hopefully so. At the time of writing, Ethereum is valued at $604.11, down 1.02%. This time last week Ethereum was valued at $568.05. Once again, progression has been made and Ethereum has challenged $650.00. We expect to see Ethereum continue to rise to $800.00 in good time, for now though we need this vague negative trend to level out. Ripple at the time of writing, is valued at $0.67, down 1.92%. This time last week Ripple was valued at $0.61 and has peaked at $0.69 during this time. A stark contrast to Ripples sub $0.60 values as witnessed during the end of May. May did prove to be very difficult for Ripple for a number of reasons. Hopefully, June will set Ripple up for a more prosperous few weeks. EOS has made some positive progression this week, through the successful launch of EOSIO. At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $13.97, up 0.36%. This time last week EOS was valued at $12.02, since then, EOS has maintained at around $14.00, proving its worth as the market starts to level back out. EOS is about the only currency moving upwards at the moment, if history is anything to go by though, EOS could be about to lead the markets back up in a positive direction. Overall, this week, we have seen a positive trend, that is a very strong take home message in light of recent values and events. All in all, this positivity is limited bu8t the markets are holding a strong position. A position that will help boost us into new values, if and when values start to climb again.

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