Now We Know That Ripple XRP Will Be Added To Coinbase, Will XRP See $3.00 Again?

Now We Know That Ripple XRP Will Be Added To Coinbase, Will XRP See $3.00 Again?

The Coinbase debate rages on with regards to the addition of Ripple XRP. Very recently, Coinbase announced the listing of Ethereum Classic, suggesting that at the very least, Coinbase are on track to continue increasing their portfolio (at an albeit, slow rate). There have been a few other news instances over the past few weeks however that are also pointing towards an almost definite Coinbase listing for Ripple XRP. As conclusions are drawn, we can start to see how various small events are leading up to an almost certain listing for Ripple XRP on Coinbase. A listing that will skyrocket the price of XRP and make Ripple’s currency, far more accessible than ever before. As I have mentioned, the recent Ethereum Classic listing proves that Coinbase aren’t settled just yet. It did seem that they where happy just listing Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin, yet, the addition of Ethereum Classic shows that actually, this is just the beginning for Coinbase. So, we know at the very least, Coinbase are continuing to look for new currencies to add to their portfolio. Coinbase have kick started operations in Japan. Ripple XRP is considered a favoured cryptocurrency within Japan and thus, we can only assume that as a result of this, Coinbase will want to tap into this market sooner rather than later. This move further reinforces the idea that Ripple XRP is indeed on the Coinbase radar. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are edging ever closer to declaring the status of Ripple XRP, either as a security, or not. We have recently reported on how some historic ruling may affect this decision and that in essence, Ripple XRP is very much on the verge of being cleared of its name as a potential security. When this happens, there is literally nothing stopping Coinbase from adding a Ripple XRP listing. Finally, and most recently, the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse has called on Coinbase to list Ripple XRP. This speaks volumes. According to an interview by Fortune, Garlinghouse has said:

“As we solve problems at scale for institutions, I think it’s in Coinbase’s interest to participate in that.”

Moreover, in debunking Ripple XRP’s security association, Garlinghouse said:

I don’t think that our ownership of XRP gives us control. Saudi Arabia owns a lot of oil-that doesn’t give them control of oil.”

Overall, with Garlinghouse keen for a Ripple XRP listing on Coinbase, the security drama on the verge of drawing to a close, and of course, Coinbase moving into Japan and also expressing an interest in listing new cryptocurrencies, it won’t be long before we see Ripple XRP live on the Coinbase platform. Once this is live, perhaps we will see Ripple XRP at $3.00 once more. Only time can tell.

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