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eToro Domination Continues With Potential London Trading Desk
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eToro Domination Continues With Potential London Trading Desk

eToro is a cryptocurrency platform that seems to be expanding at an alarming rate. eToro news is rife and the company seems to be constantly hitting the headlines for all the right reasons. Next up, recent reports state that eToro are looking to open a physical cryptocurrency trading desk in London, in a move that would surely cement eToro’s reputation in the capital and would give a whole host of new customers, access to the growing eToro platform. According to Finance Magnates, CEO of eToro, Toni Assia has said:
“We’ve actually set up our corporate team here in the UK to start setting up accounts to trade on eToro. We’ve announced that we’re launching the exchange as well so, between the exchange and the OTC desk, we’re also starting to serve more potential institutions and financial institutions.”
“I think there is growing institutional demand and interest of public investors to understand whether they can join the party. That is something we definitely see out there. We see more and more public market players and big banks who are interested in this space and feel left out because they’re not allowed to invest in crypto or ICOs.”
See more from Finance Magnates for yourself, here- This notion of institutional interest is a big motivating factor for many cryptocurrency projects at the moment. With the markets in a state of limbo, many are now waiting for large scale institutional investment to take hold and begin to push the markets back upwards. It is through starting projects like this that the likes of eToro wish to really encourage this investment. In doing so, eToro will see increased wealth and, more importantly, large institutional investments will be given access to new methods of investment that could be more cost effective and most importantly, more time effective. I suppose many see a wave of institutional investment as the next step within the cryptocurrency revolution. Communities are motivated by authority and the authority large investors hold is something to behold. What I mean by this, is when news breaks that big companies are starting to invest in cryptocurrencies, smaller companies will start to do the same thing. As this happens, adoption projects will receive more attention and thus, these projects will come to the fore, through enhanced investment. When this happens, cryptocurrencies will become more popular. And that’s that.

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