Esports And Overwolf

Esports And Overwolf, the soon to be the biggest esports portal out there and Overwolf, a platform for competitive gamers have agreed on mutual collaboration in the esports sector. Their collaboration will result in mutual exchange of information, news and help in regards to esports and esports events. In his interview for, Uri Marchland, CEO of Overwolf, express his support and belief in the vision to become a world wide known portal for esports. This is a sequential strategic partnership for in the recent months, showing a real progress and a strong traction, which is to be even further increased in the upcoming months. and their cryptocurrency, the ERT (esports Reward Token) are making names for themselves with such recent collaborations and mutual partnerships signed. Given the current bearish state of the crypto market, we can expect a high volume and a significant price increase of the ERT in the last quarter of 2018. Overwolf is just one of the many exciting collaborations and projects, has engaged in in the recent months. Their Esports University project and the soon implementation of the ERT on, as well as their partnerships with FC Koln, Overwolf and Astralis are expected to significantly boost brand awareness and increase the price of their token currently being traded on HitBTC and a few other exchanges. Stay tuned for future updates regarding and their ERT.

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