EOS Sitting Cool As EOSIO Launch Approaches

EOS Sitting Cool As EOSIO Launch Approaches

Today is the day. EOS is about to see the launch of Block.One’s EOSIO 1.0 software, the first in what will no doubt be many updates to the ever-growing EOS network. From this, entrepreneurs will now be able to build their own blockchain from the EOSIO software and can initiate forks as they wish, allowing for the customisation of tokens among other many useful features. As the launch looms, EOS is reacting fairly well. At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $12.35, down 0.27%. This decline is no doubt sitting in the wake of some anticipation, not enough to see the price of EOS skyrocket, nor, not enough to sink the value of EOS, instead the currency is remaining balanced, as EOSIO starts to take over. In light of this, EOS have re-issued a warning, in a move that aims to ensure EOS users remain safe as EOSIO launches. EOS recognise that such a move does open up network vulnerabilities that could lead to attack, and or, other malicious activity. You can see the full message on the Block.One website, for yourself, here- https://block.one/news/eosio-1-0-release-update/ According to Block.One:

“It is critical that users do not download, compile, install, or run software from untrusted GitHub repositories. Please use caution before using any community efforts, as Block.one will not review, certify, nor endorse any specific effort.”


“Do not run code published by anonymous sources. Everyone should carefully vet any team that manages an official GitHub repository for a chain. The team responsible for the GitHub repository will also be responsible for coordinating all official releases, upgrades, hard forks, etc.  While GitHub allows anyone to fork the software for a chain, developers, block producers, and exchanges will likely rely upon a semi-official GitHub repository.  Every community should make sure that their GitHub repository is in trustworthy hands.”

This is just a snippet of the advice issued by Block.One, therefore, if you do have involvement with EOS and believe you are affected by the launch of EOSIO, you should turn to the Block.One website for further information, in doing so, you can ensure the integrity of your assets and, moreover, can help to ensure that the international rollout of EOSIO goes on, faultlessly. We are going to monitor this through the day and expect to see some movements within EOS start to pick up very soon. The value of EOS isn’t likely to skyrocket in the wake of this, however, we expect to see some movements back up towards $15.00, assuming all goes well. If this is the case, EOS could see a perfect start to June.

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