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Companies Will Collaborate to Educate and Inform

(SARASOTA, FLORIDA, June 28, 2018) Today, Crypto.IQ and Crypto Daily announced a strategic partnership to provide cryptocurrency news and educational tools to the world. The companies will collaborate to deliver unique content and training resources, which will increase the crypto intelligence of people worldwide. This content will prove highly valuable to people wanting to learn about cryptocurrency. “The Crypto.IQ team is excited about our new partnership with Crypto Daily,” said Charlie Shrem, Chief Visionary of Crypto.IQ. “This partnership will enable Crypto.IQ to deliver our cryptocurrency education worldwide utilizing Crypto Daily’s global reach.” Known for its relevant cryptocurrency news, Crypto Daily provides daily insight from the world’s crypto currency experts. “By partnering with Crypto.IQ, Crypto Daily is helping people the world over and at all levels increase their crypto intelligence,” said James Hughes, Marketing VP, Crypto Daily. “Combining our global content distribution with Crypto.IQ's proven track record in the crypto market means that together we can extend the reach of our crypto expertise.” ### About Crypto.IQ Crypto.IQ is dedicated to educating people about the world of crypto assets and investing in the sector. Our aim is to help people understand the world of crypto assets — what they are, how/why they work, and how to get started as an investor. For more experienced investors, we offer ideas, challenge each other, and work together to collectively build generational wealth for ourselves, our friends, and our families. About Crypto Daily Crypto Daily is the home of blockchain economy. With our international reach, including offices in Singapore and the UK, our aim is to provide our worldwide audience with a perfect cryptocurrency news solution. Our website covers a variety of cryptocurrency news, from blockchain stories to currency comparisons, as well as up to date news on wallets, mining and crypto-exchanges. We are proud of our network and our community. Our dedicated team strive to keep our customers up to date with the latest news and affairs. By using our website, you can be rest assured that our team have done the hard work for you. For additional information on Crypto.IQ, visit us at, follow us on Twitter @_CryptoIQ, or like us on Facebook at

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