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Coin Stats App Review
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Coin Stats App Review

Coin Stats App Overview on Desktop And Phone Coin Stats is an app-based cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker. Here at Crypto Daily we always reinforce the importance of market research, frankly, research is about the only way you can ensure your trading is carried out in a safe manner. With this in mind, Coin Stats may very well be about to become your new best friend. Available on iOS, Android and OSX (the Mac App Store), Coin Stats allows you to full immerse yourself in the crypto-sphere. You can track the prices of over 1800 crypto currencies, through live pricing from over 80 cryptocurrency exchanges. A really cool feature of Coin Stats is that it allows you to set customised alerts both volume and market capitalisation. Therefore, if you know you want to trade, but the time isn’t right just yet, Coin Stats can refer to your preferences and alert you when the time is right. Never miss a buying or selling opportunity ever again. Moreover, Coin Stats allows you to follow the latest news from over 40 trusted news outlets. You can of course filter this down and just search for your favourite websites. It’s fully customisable. Of course, a portfolio tracker wouldn’t be a portfolio tracker without the ability to sync your exchange and wallet accounts. Of course, Coin Stats allows you to do this too. Coin Stats currently supports over 30 exchanges and wallets through an effortless, automated sync process. Moreover, the inbuilt portfolio screen allows you to review multiple portfolios. Coin Stats Bot Feature Most incredibly, Coin Stats also includes an innovative Chat Bot, based on Telegram. This bot allows you to interact with Coin Stats in real time, receiving the latest prices and the latest news, in an instant. Check out what other users are saying about Coin Stats-
“The best portfolio tracker app I’ve ever used. Very easy to sync with your wallet and exchange accounts. Also, like the daily notifications, which help to get on top of the market.”
“I like the free API integration available in iOS and supports both iPad and iPhone. The periodic tips from the market are really helpful, I’ve used two of those tips in my trading within one week of using the app and it worked out well.”
“I use Coin Stats not only for tracking price change but it’s very easy way to read crypto news.”
“I loved this app before I discovered a bunch of features I didn’t realize were there. This does almost everything you could want in a crypto portfolio app.”
See more from Coin Stats for yourself, here- We love Coin Stats, take a look at what the hype is all about and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Mac OSX App iOS App Android App

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