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Bitcoin Cash Could Hit $2140.00 And Rise 188%

Bitcoin Cash, despite its current lapse has proven to be a strong and promising currency over the past few months. Of course, Bitcoin Cash hasn’t been free from controversy, in fact, Bitcoin Cash often finds itself knee deep within debates and discussion, usually situated around the Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin Core debate. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Core?

Regardless of this controversy though, Bitcoin Cash has remained strong, remaining over $1000.00 consistently since the middle of April. Now of course, we must consider that historically, Bitcoin Cash has surpassed $4000.00, reaching an all-time high of $4,091.70 so therefore in comparison, its recent performance has been relatively weak, with this in mind though we are looking to the future of Bitcoin Cash to try and gauge how it may perform in the coming weeks, now that the markets have balanced back out.

Please bear in mind that this is not investment advice, this is simply just a review of historical patterns and trends. Should these trends repeat themselves, we are confident that Bitcoin Cash could see an excess of $2,000.00 soon enough, however, we can’t guarantee that history will repeat itself. Therefore, if you do choose to invest, you should do so based on your own research.

Prior to the last Bitcoin Cash bull run, we saw Bitcoin Cash hit a value of around $631.00. As the market surged, Bitcoin Cash hit a peak of $1,818.00. This marks a percentage rise of 188%. A huge increase. Bear in mind, this happened with in a month. As a result of this, Bitcoin Cash has proven the pace and speed at which it can ride surges of this nature.

With history in mind then, based on todays value of around $742.00, a similar rise of 188% would see Bitcoin Cash hit a value of $2,140.00. This is totally realistic, given the current market climate and the inevitable room for growth that the recent market decline has laid out in front of us.

This of course does rely on another bull run, one which could take off as soon as confidence increases and as soon as investment starts coming back into the markets. In reference to history again, in response to large crashes like we have seen recently, we tend to see the markets gain at an impressive rate, therefore, we could very well see Bitcoin Cash pick up pace and head back towards $2,000.00 soon enough.

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