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A Bull Run Now Will See Ripple XRP Up 103%, Then XRP Could Hit $2.00

A Bull Run Now Will See Ripple XRP Up 103%, Then XRP Could Hit $2.00
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With the markets starting to shift with a bullish momentum, we want to have a look at how some of the major cryptocurrencies will be affected. Ripple XRP is one such currency that could see some great fortune from a bull run over the next few weeks. In order to really address this, we need to look at how the last bull run in April affected the value of XRP. Just to re-cap, around the 13th of April 2018, we saw the markets surge upwards after weeks of backpedalling. This caused a bull run which proceeded to last for a few weeks, before correction and a market drought took over once more. Due to the prolonged bear market we have seen of late, and through some recent speculation, we are now looking out for the next bull run, another market surge that is sure to drive prices upwards. In the April surge, Ripple XRP moved up from a value of $0.471, up to a peak of $0.958 in just under 20 days. This rise works out as an increase of 103%. This surge wasn’t considered to be a huge one and thus, no real ground-breaking prices where achieved. Therefore, we can guess that the next surge will have more volatility than this one. However, for the sake of argument, lets assume that the next surge will hit Ripple XRP with a 103% increase once again. Chances are, it will be greater than this, either way, here’s how it adds up- At the time of writing, Ripple XRP is valued at $0.670. If a surge caused a rise of 103% now, we would see Ripple XRP hit $1.36. Of course, this won’t happen in a day and, much like during April, it could take around 20 days or so to materialise. Based on these calculations though, it’s safe to say that, amongst the next bull run, we will see Ripple XRP hit $1.20 plus, at the very least. Furthermore, if indeed the next surge has a greater velocity than the last one, we could see gains of around 150% take hold, this would see Ripple XRP reach $1.70 plus. As a matter of fact, it isn’t entirely unrealistic to imagine Ripple XRP reaching as high as $2.00 in the wake of the next bull run, as, this would only require a gain of around 198%, based on the figures we are seeing today. With this in mind, please remember that this is speculative. Ripple XRP could achieve these heights, but the premise of another bull run is dependant on a number of factors. Moreover, we can never guarantee that a bull run will take off, simply put, it might not happen for months. Mathematically, it is possible, however the volatility of the markets means that possibility is something that we can never guarantee.

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