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5 Decentralized Exchanges To Watch In 2018

5 Decentralized Exchanges To Watch In 2018
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2018 has been a good year for start-ups, but there are new project announcements literally every day. How do you decipher what is real in a world full of FUD? The answer is simple; #DYOR and focus on projects that have detailed whitepapers and a strong founding team. It seems almost every crypto enthusiast has had a negative experience with a centralized exchange, but the space has been missing a truly decentralized exchange that meets user needs. Here are a handful of decentralized projects to keep your eye on in 2018: LQDEX: LQDEX is building a decentralized, trustless, cross-chain digital asset exchange. The LQDEX system allows trading of digital tokens across multiple blockchains without the risk of hackers. Once developed, LQDEX will not require modifications to existing blockchains or use atomic swaps - instead LQDEX will run on its own POS blockchain. LQDEX will offer seamless user interface, making the platform easy for both professional traders and newbies. Learn more about LQDEX at QUANTADEX: QUANTADEX claims to be the world’s first community-driven DEX exchange. Their founding team is on a mission to run the first crypto exchange on a decentralized blockchain where the community can extend its network, blockchain development, and vote over coins listing and roadmap. Learn more about QUANTADEX at ETHEX: ETHEX is an exchange built on Ethereum, without a central server. On ETHEX, users can buy or sell an ERC20 with a single transaction. ETHEX founders promise to make fees as low as possible. Rather than supporting all tokens, the ETHEX project will focus only on “useful tokens.” Learn more about ETHEX at ETHEX.MARKET. METRODEX: Users on METRODEX make deposits in the same fashion as a centralized exchange, with the differentiating element being that deposits are held by smart contracts rather than a third party. METRODEX relies on blockchain consensus to process all deposits and withdrawals. Learn more about METRODEX at QURREX: QURREX founders are focused on integrating the infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with a decentralized blockchain-based exchange. The hybrid exchange is hoping to accrue both new and seasoned investors. Learn more about QURREX at It seems traders will have their pick of DEX’s by late 2018. Regardless of where you trade, the more access - the better. What exchange are you most looking forward to?

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