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Translate For TRON And Earn TRX
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Translate For TRON And Earn TRX

The TRON Foundation is well known for encouraging community engagement and for getting people involved with their projects. As a part of this, TRON wish to build a new community based on translation, ensuring that all TRON documentation and texts are available in as many languages as possible. Employing translators can be a tricky task, so therefore, TRON have developed a new strategy in which they seem to have moved around this. Essentially, TRON want to reward contributors of a high calibre by donating TRX to them, according to a post by the TRON Foundation on Medium:
“TRON intends to foster a healthy, prosperous ecology connecting the globe. That’s why a rapidly growing community has been a primary piece of our global strategy. People from Japan, Korea, Spain, Russia, Germany and India, among others, have shown their support and placed their faith in our enterprise. A number of volunteer translators, especially of certain “minor” languages, have lent their hands to spread our messages and updates around the world. Many volunteers have submitted their work, among whom eleven have passed our review and stood out, taking home rewards up to TRX 15,000.”
You can see the full post on Medium, here- Also, if you’re interested in doing some translations, you can find more information, here- We believe this sort of work is vital for the blockchain industry, transparency can only exist when everybody understands what they can see in front of them. Granted, this can only occur through mass education, but if the language is alien to the reader, how on earth are they expected to educate themselves, or be educated? Moreover, the use of TRX as a reward incentive ensures that the currency continues to move around and continues to flow, within this, TRON are giving new people access to their growing currency and their growing community. Can you tell I am fond of this? Overall, it is great to see this sort of work from TRON, their commitment to their community and their investors looks to be second to none. As more and more people discover their platform through real, transparent multi lingual media, TRON will see growth within their community and their product. What that means is, the contributors who are helping to expand this multi lingual network will further benefit, really boosting the incentive behind the entire project.

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