New Partnership With HitBTC To Improve Crypto-Market Accessibility

New Partnership With HitBTC To Improve Crypto-Market Accessibility

According to a report from, Sequant Capital, a UK based broker, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority have formed a new partnership with cryptocurrency exchange giants, HitBTC in a move that aims to improve accessibility and thus, transparency across the cryptocurrency markets. Read the full article for yourself, here- This partnership will provide both professional cryptocurrency traders and crypto-fans a new route for direct access to cryptocurrency-based goods, through an FCA regulated broker. This is an interesting development for the UK specifically, who at the moment are focusing a great attention to detail on the cryptocurrency industry, with the intentions to develop fair and safe regulations and in theory will allow the industry to grow and flourish on UK shores, that what we are all hoping for at least. According to

“Traders depositing a minimum of 100 BTC or 1000 ETH with Sequant Capital will have funds stored securely in a cold wallet managed by the broker. That initial collateral, protected by Sequant Capital, will reduce the counterparty’s risks while giving them full advantage of trading on HitBTC.”

This is of course big news when you consider that HitBTC facilitate the exchange of 300 cryptocurrencies, with a daily trading volume in excess of $192Million. Admittedly, the introduction of a middle man here does present some risks, although I do think, since the broker is of course FCA regulated, overall, the cold storage element of this initiative will be approached with a high level of tact, ensuring the security of assets is paramount. According to, CEO of Sequant Capital, George Zarya has said:

“Our aim is to solve many of the issues that cryptocurrency traders are currently experiencing and to reserve a place at the forefront of the civilised regulation process. The FCA sets a high bar for financial regulation in the UK, and by applying that high standard to our operating model with HitBTC, we aim to increase trust and stability. For investors in traditional markets or those who already have exposure to cryptocurrencies but are lacking the professional ‘high-touch’ service that would let them trade large blocks in confidence, our initiative is a big step forward.”

This partnership offers UK crypto-traders access to a new and secure method for trading and may encourage other similar firms and exchanges to establish similar partnerships in the future, should this prove to be successful. Overall, in a world where data security and privacy are serious concerns for many people, these sorts of moves and partnerships are vital for ensuring the cryptocurrency industry is able to move forward, into a more secure and private future. Lets see how this news develops, realistically, this could see the start of a new regulatory movement within the UK. Featured Image Original Source: Pixabay

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