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New Korean Exchange To Offer Fee-Free Trading For A Month

New Korean Exchange To Offer Fee-Free Trading For A Month
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Brand new South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbit is due to launch tomorrow, the 11th of May. This follows an unsuccessful launch of the exchange, initially set for the 30th of April. Customers in South Korea will be able to start using the exchange as of tomorrow, to celebrate its launch, Coinbit are offering fee-free trading for their first month of operation, maybe this will act as a bit of an apology for the evident delay in the launch of their service? Some of the coins that will be listed by Coinbit include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, TRON, Loopring, Substratum, NEO, Zilliqa and VeChain. All in all, Coinbit will list 50 coins from inception, with plans to continue expanding into other altcoins once the exchange has settled down and has earned a bit of a reputation. Korea Exchange Listing Cryptocurrencies Image Sourced From: Okay, so this new exchange probably won’t skyrocket any crypto-prices upon launch tomorrow. What this does offer however is a brand-new medium through which traders and investors can get involved with cryptocurrencies, at low cost to themselves, for the first month at least. Imagine this situation if you will. You’re interested in trading and want to know more about it but worry about paying high fees for investments simply because you are only experimenting and trying to find your feet. The fee-free service offered here will allow these sorts of people to ‘have a go’ and perhaps will encourage them to become successful traders. I’m probably being too optimistic here, but I think its great that this sort of thing is happening and am always keen on ideas that could potentially encourage new people to get involved. With so many people on the fence about cryptocurrencies, these positive movements are what we need to start encouraging more and more people to get involved. When we do this, adoption becomes more likely, right? I’m not saying Coinbit are about to start a cryptocurrency adoption revolution, but what I am saying is that more of this sort of thing, can only be a good thing!

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