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Markets Break Away From Negativity, Just Look At Ethereum, Ripple And VeChain

Markets Break Away From Negativity, Just Look At Ethereum, Ripple And VeChain
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Thankfully, today we are reporting some positive movements within the markets. Over the past few days the general consensus has been negative. With that in mind however, recovery has been sharp, the majority of major currencies have not taken really big hits and thus, values remain positive as we edge deeper into May. Now, during April, through the positivity of the mid-April market surge, many experts did predict that the bull run was the start of something far greater. Some even suggested that this would kickstart a chain of surges, running right through the end of April. What we saw in reality is a steady maintenance, halted frequently by some correction. Overall, though, no further surges seemed to take place in the grand scheme of things, leaving many investors biting their nails, wondering what might happen next. Fortunately, our patience should pay off eventually. It is inevitable that we will see prices surge once more, when this will happen and how far this will take us is still unknown to us, overall however, in the long run, we do expect to see healthier prices than what we see today. How are the markets looking today? At the time of writing, Bitcoin is valued at $9,363.54 and is up 2.05%. Bitcoin has maintained way over $9,000.00 now. It did some close to dropping below this mark, but the climate ensured that Bitcoin did not slip at this point. This has instilled some confidence back into investors. Ethereum at the time of writing, is valued at $764.13 and is up 3.58%. With Ethereum climbing, we can suggest should this positivity continue, it may very well his $800.00 through the weekend. Interestingly, Ethereum seemed to be one of the first major currencies to move away from the overarching market decline, check out our coverage of that, here- Ripple has been the brunt of some controversy at the moment, namely a law suit taken out against Ripple on the premise that XRP is a security. This did encourage XRP to take a bit of a hit in the market drop, overall though the currency has managed to balance out above $0.80. At the time of writing, Ripple is valued at $0.801 and is up 1.22%. Further down the markets, VeChain is riding a wave of positivity, at the time of writing it is valued at $5.42 and is up 10.94%. This comes off the back of some great announcements within the VeChain community, including news from MOBI and professional services firm, PwC. Check out our coverage of this story, here- As it stands, things are looking quite positive. As we close this week and enter the weekend, we may very well see this positive trend continue. Though it doesn’t seem like we are about to enter a surge, some values could change for the better over the weekend, allowing us to enter mid-May on a similar positive note to which the month started. For now, continue to research and continue to invest well, trade safe and let’s see what the weekend has to bring.

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