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Lisk (LSK): One Of The Best Crypto Investments You Will Ever Make

Lisk (LSK): One Of The Best Crypto Investments You Will Ever Make
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Lisk Chart With Values There are plenty of good blockchain projects and Lisk (LSK) is definitely one of them. It has proven its mettle with a user-friendly blockchain of its own which is stable, secure and scalable. However, for a crypto investor, this is not enough. While many crypto enthusiasts do want to see various blockchain projects succeed, there is always a financial motive to profit from the investments they make. Thus it becomes necessary to examine a cryptocurrency not only on the basis of its technology and team but also on the basis of its investment opportunities. Lisk (LSK) is by far one of the best investments in the crypto markets as far as risk/reward and profit potential are concerned. The coin is also currently at a very favorable point and presents an attractive buying opportunity. The price is currently trading at $11.87 and is almost at the bottom of the bullish channel. The risk reward ratio on a trade made at this point would be 56! It is pertinent to note that most traders are glad to find a trade with risk/reward ratio of3 or 4. The profit potential is also very lucrative. If you invest $1000 in Bitcoin (BTC) right now and the price reaches $100,000, you might end up with around $10,000. However, if you buy Lisk (LSK) right now and the price reaches $377 most likely before Bitcoin (BTC) reaches $100,000 you will end up with $32,000! This is a big reason why most crypto investors are turning to high potential altcoins like Lisk (LSK). Lisk (LSK) is an attractive investment on all fronts. Legally, the coin has the status of a utility token which means that it will be used by people who want to build their Dapps on the Lisk (LSK) blockchain. This exempts Lisk (LSK) from being termed as a security in future like its rival Ethereum (ETH). Lisk (LSK) also provides a separate sidechain for Dapps to be built independently, so in case of a potential Dapp hack or legal trouble, Lisk (LSK) will have protection and so will the other Dapps that are built on Lisk (LSK). Lisk Chart With Values Lisk (LSK) being a utility token will continue to exist no matter what happens in the crypto markets. With the use of LSK tokens to build and buy services on Lisk (LSK) blockchain, Lisk (LSK) will be spent which will naturally result in price appreciation. Furthermore, Lisk (LSK) also offers its own secure wallet for storage of LSK tokens. They can be easily deposited and withdrawn to and from popular exchanges in matter of seconds! The LSK/BTC chart looks equally favorable for a buying opportunity as the price is at the bottom of the channel. The price of Lisk (LSK) is expected to rise near $30 in the next couple of weeks during which time BTC should trade close to $11,000 per coin. This will most likely be followed by a period of accumulation before is ultimate bull run for 2018.

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